I know it has been a while. I am in a new position in my life. I didn’t win CampNanowrimo this year. Yet, I am still writing. I have been transferring Tangled and Challenged into a notebook and posting it up on @Wattpad. I have now posted 42 chapters. It now has 53 reads. It still makes me feel good to know people are reading my work. I have been working a lot lately. I don’t work in the same place anymore. The new job I have has been great for the past two months. My coworkers are like my family now. We bond really well and we crack each other up.
I am going to get back into posting soon. I’m just trying to get everything straight between Tangled and Challenged and Broken and Mended. Broken and Mended is on hold for right now. I just really want to finish transferring Tangled and Challenged. I put it off for so long. Now, it’s just about getting it completely in two other places. I do this so in case something happens to my computer or my flash drive, I will have it.


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