On The Way

There is so much which needs to be done in the coming weeks. I am so excited and nervous. I am going to start the process of posting Tangled and Challenged on Goodreads and Wattpad. I have come to understand if I want to be noticed I need to put myself out there. I am preparing myself for all the things I want to do. I am still taking practice tests for me to be able to get my license. I know it seems silly, but I am taking this very seriously. I am also going to pay for my college application too. I am glad I can get the chance to try again. I am glad I will be doing something I love. I have missed being in a classroom. I think it’s been too long. Of course, that could just be because of life. Any who, I am really excited about the book I just finished reading on Wattpad.
Her book was published. The book is called The Billionaire’s Hired Girlfriend. It’s by Alexia Praks. Her books are amazing. I could really feel the tension in this book. At times you may hate the way some of the characters react, but that’s what makes it such a great read. I hope you all can check it out. You can go to Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble and other places to find the book. It’s really incredible.
I have been reading a whole lot. I have been doing research about what those my age do. I am so far off that list. I wish I was at those steps. I know I have to keep waiting and just keep moving forward. I am going to give all I’ve got.


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