I am feeling thankful today. I am glad I have God and my family in my life. I’m actually glad to be alive. I donated $20 to a lady who was trying to earn money for children in other countries. I was very happy to do it. I know there could be a possibility where something will happen to me, and I could end up with nothing. I think it’s great we can actually give to others. I know I have been out of the loop on music of the now, and the fact. “I’m getting old.” Yet, I have noticed this world is still dealing with the racism. It sucks that it’s going on.
I guess they forgot what Martin Luther King Jr. wanted. I am glad for his I Have a Dream speech. There are so many people I have looked up to who are black and white. I love the person I am. I love that I am black and we have a history. There is a ton of things to find out. I just hope one day it will all be squashed and we can live in peace. Of course there were many people who died for us to have what we do. We have the power to change the world and all we can do is complain. Black lives do matter and so do everyone else’s. I have come to know a lot in my short life. I’m not saying everyone is racist, but you got to know Blacks deserve to be here just as much as whites.
The old ways were fine back then. It doesn’t mean we need to bring it back. I don’t think they need to be banning certain books about color. They really shouldn’t be trying to ban the Bible. It really bothered me the other day when I was on my lunch break and saw them talking about it on The Real. I just hope if even though you don’t like me, you can relate to the words I have said.


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