A Simple Talk

I have now been being tons better. I feel as if things are going the way they should go. I found out my mother seems to think I am not getting anywhere with my dad. With being with my dad I am starting college in August. I didn’t have to fight with him about doing my financial aid. I have a relationship that I am not too afraid to be in. I know how to be myself and not worry about everyone else. I am actually doing way better here then I was with her.

Even my writing is doing great. All of my social media is even picking up. I can now say I have a life. I have a life that is fit for me. I know I am rough around the edges. I know I have a whole lot to learn. I am working on myself. I actually get to do things I like. I don’t have to worry about getting in trouble. I don’t feel like I am going to snap all the time. My temper is still bad, yet I am not full of anger everyday. I am doing good with my health.

I may still get kinks in neck but at least my chest doesn’t hurt when I get upset anymore. I am feeling loved and I am enjoying myself. I have evolved into being me and not being anyone else. I am happy and that’s what counts.


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